DarkNess Dollar
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Protocol Minting Cap and Fees

Minting Cap

  • DUSD minting/redemption limit: Max(50K, 0.25% of total supply)
  • DUSD daily minting cap: Max(1M, 5% of total supply)
  • DUSD hourly minting cap: Max(100K, 0.5% of total supply)
  • To boost up the protocol, there is no daily and hourly cap during the bootstrap of the first week.


  • Minting fee:
0.2% while overpeg (DUSD >1.0$)
0.4% while underpeg (DUSD 1.0$)
  • Redemption fee:
0.8% while overpeg (DUSD >1.0$)
0.4% while underpeg (DUSD 1.0$)

Reserve DARK/NESS Target Ratio

At the beginning the ratio between DARK/NESS will be 50%/50% and it will increase or decrease depending on Market Cap of DARK and NESS.
The ratio will be updated every 4 hours by a step of 1%. Minimum and maximum ratio is 20%/80% and 80%/20% accordingly.

NESS burning

100% NESS collected from protocol fees above will be burned immediately.
45% of DARK collected will be forwarded to DarkCrypto Insurance Fund.